Hand's Hoppers

Hand's Hoppers is another one of our Youth Market vendors owned and operated by Kyle Hand.

Kyle was born and raised in NC and is the youngest of 4 boys.  He has been raised in a family that values the entrepreneurial spirit.  Kyle loves anything agricultural and also loves making things with wood and/or metal.

Kyle's desire to earn his own money for extra things he wants led him to turn some things that he loves into a means to earn an income.  He started out with raising bunnies (smaller breeds like Lionheads and Dwarf Netherlands - he sells the babies for pets or show).  And after attending a Mother Earth News show with his parents he soon realized that the bunny berries (a nice term for bunny poop) are the best natural fertilizer for gardens.  So now he has a use for the bunny berries that his bunnies produce a never ending supply of.  He will have his dried bunny berries available soon.  And hopefully he'll be adding some starter herb plants as well.

But Kyle's interest doesn't end there.  He's always been a hands on type of kid and loves working with wood and metal.  He was introduced to Pinterest and that's all it took.  He's been great with finding projects and figuring out how to make them.  He started out by making the checkout counter for The Soap Hut (it's beautiful btw....and available for custom order for your store or home bar).  And now he's making other wood projects from reclaimed wood.

He is also working this business as a project for his AgriScience class in school.